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  • The Dreaming Plane
    While preparing to run my first game of D&D (5e), one of my players opted to create a kalashtar character. Not overly familiar with the race myself, I began researching what makes them unique. In the canon Eberron lore, from which they originate, the kalashtar boast a few interesting psychic abilities as well as aContinue reading “The Dreaming Plane”
  • VII. Looking Back
    The wide streets of the merchant’s district had never been this packed before. The familiar shops were hidden away behind vibrant banners and tangled webs of bunting strands as Rosie pushed through the shifting current of people. The flower stand should have been at this corner, but — no, wait, wasn’t this the boutique NanamiContinue reading “VII. Looking Back”
  • VI. A Changing World: Uncertain Futures
    When our children told us they were afraid, we inspired them. When they said they were confused, we were the light that guided and the darkness that soothed. When they cried out in pain, we gave them hope to carry on. We were certain that we shared in their hardships just as we revelled inContinue reading “VI. A Changing World: Uncertain Futures”

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