The Two Worlds Anthology

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Stories that span more than time…

The Two Worlds Anthology is a growing collection of tales detailing events from before and after a fantastical world is struck by a mysterious cataclysm that leaves even gods in the dark.

Discover the two parallel worlds that emerge from this event: one sapped of all its magical energy, and the other struggling to contain its unchecked potential. Follow Henry, Unnyr, Rosie, and Oscar — split between worlds and left without hope — as they attempt to reunite more than just their family.

The story so far:

  1. The Night of Burning Skies
  2. Without Words
  3. The Emerald Omen
  4. Mana Uncontrolled
  5. A Changing World: Saying Goodbye
  6. A Changing World: Uncertain Futures
  7. Looking Back

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